2019-2020 Monta Vista PTSA Membership Registration/Donation

Your $10 tax-deductible membership in the PTSA supports the work of the largest lobbying organization dedicated to supporting the welfare of kids at both the state and national level. The work of the PTSA has helped secure child labor laws, smaller class sizes, hot lunch programs, arts and sciences programs, and more. Thank you for supporting the Monta Vista PTSA for our high school and community.

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Notes: For just $10 you can become a member, and for just $20 more you can make your spouse and teen members, too. It’s a great way to help secure the future of your sons/daughters, and all students for years to come.
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(** Monta Vista PTSA is a Section 501(c)3 nonprofit and your membership and donation may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. Please consult your Tax Advisor to verify. Our EIN is 23-7407558. Monta Vista PTSA thanks you for your support!)

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